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Sawney Bean and the Cannibal Clan

So I discovered a new TV series on the History Channel today called 'True Monsters'.  It's basically about how all folklore and legend has an ounce of truth behind it (this of course, all of us here already know).  I... Continue Reading →

Bruce Campbell is Back! Ash vs Evil Dead TV Series

There were some damn cool things about the 80's - one of those was 'Evil Dead'.  Bruce Campbell is a pure genius and Evil Dead was a classic, along the lines of some of the same retro classics, such as... Continue Reading →

Thousands See Floating City in the Sky in China

Source from Newser: Too much carbon pollution? Check. Lots of billionaires? Check. A giant city floating in the sky? Well, according to Chinese TV news channels, China recently had a massive metropolis hovering over the clouds that was spotted by... Continue Reading →

Brazilian man bites passenger on Irish aircraft, collapses and dies; woman arrested for drugs

Source FoxNews: A postmortem exam is being conducted Monday on a 24-year-old Brazilian man who collapsed and died aboard an Irish aircraft Sunday after he bit another passenger. Cork police arrested a 44-year-old Portuguese woman traveling with the man after... Continue Reading →

James Dean’s “Little Bastard” Found?

Article via In Sept. 30, 1955, the famous silver Porsche 550 Spyder driven by the heartthrob James Dean lost control and wrecked, killing the 24-year-old actor. Dean was famous for his “devil-may-care” attitude andcool guy persona like those of Elvis... Continue Reading →

Frankenvirus – 30,000 Year Old Virus Resurrected?

From It’s alive! Or that’s what scientists might say when they reanimate the so-called “frankenvirus,” a 30,000-year-old giant virus that was discovered in Siberia. The French researchers behind the find – published this week in PNAS, the journal from... Continue Reading →

Devil in the White City – H H Holmes Movie Feat Leo DiCaprio

Oh my God, how excited am I right now to have just heard this on the radio!! Finally!  An H H Holmes film!  And who's playing Holmes?  Only freaking Leo DiCaprio man!!  Oh Leo, maybe you can redeem yourself... Continue Reading →

Slender Man and the Tulpa Effect – Could Slendy Be Real?

The latest paranormal celebrity to hit the modern day world is undoubtedly 'Slender Man'.  Slender Man, or "Slendy" as he has become affectionately known as, was created by an author on the popular "scary story" website  I've read some... Continue Reading →


I now have an online store via Etsy which sells handcrafted (by myself) film, game, TV and general geekcraft.  We also have a selection of spooky, horror and Halloween themed goodies, so please feel free to check it out via... Continue Reading →

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