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Alien Called Myziam Contacts 4chan?

This story appeared on Friday 22nd September and has apparently gone "viral".  The original thread itself goes on for about twenty thousand pages (probably an exaggeration) but I could only actually find roundabout half a dozen videos on YouTube about... Continue Reading →


Slender Man and the Tulpa Effect – Could Slendy Be Real?

The latest paranormal celebrity to hit the modern day world is undoubtedly 'Slender Man'.  Slender Man, or "Slendy" as he has become affectionately known as, was created by an author on the popular "scary story" website  I've read some... Continue Reading →

The Dyatlov Pass Incident Update – The Truth About the Deaths

I was so happy when I came across this article - finally, the mystery has been solved! The mystery of why the experienced skiers died in the strange circumstances has been unexplained for over five decades. Donnie Eichar, an American author... Continue Reading →

The Dyatlov Pass Incident

Picture this - Soviet Union - February - 1959 Ten students embark on a hiking expedition up Kholat Syakhl (The Dead Mountain).  One leaves the venture early on due to illness and returns home.  Nine are left.  Those nine never... Continue Reading →

Plane Reports ‘Near Miss’ With UFO Above Glasgow Airport

Plane Reports 'Near Miss' With UFO Above Glasgow Airport A passenger plane in Glasgow has reported a near-miss with a UFO. A report by the UK Airprox Board revealed that a startled pilot alerted traffic controllers to the presence of 'something'... Continue Reading →

Why Have We Never Returned to the Moon?

Several Sightings of the Same Type of Creature – Alien Hybrid or Unknown Human Species?

I'm not closed-minded.  How can I be with a blog like this.  But I mean that I'm not closed-minded in the sense that I don't for one moment think we are the only life form in the universe.  That would... Continue Reading →

NASA Photoshops Mars Images??

So we (when I say "we" I mostly mean "me and the other aliens-are-real geeks") were dead excited with the whole Mars Rover project, giant step two for mankind and all that.  So you can imagine how utterly gutted I... Continue Reading →

Strange Stories – Entire Chinese Village Disappears

Sure, this is old news - in fact it's from October 2010.  I have been looking for updates on this story for a long time, but have since found absolutely nothing.  Apparently, within moments of the story going viral, 90%... Continue Reading →

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