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Ted Bundy’s Childhood Home Haunted?

Story here. A Washington state contractor said his workers remodeling Ted Bundy’s childhood home experienced a handful of strange occurrences during their time at the house. Casey Clopton, the contractor, told The News Tribune that a plea for help appeared on... Continue Reading →

House For Sale (Complete with Strange Occupant Living in Attic)

Couldn't help but wonder what the hell was going through the estate agents' minds when they knocked up this ad for what appears to be an idyllic little house in the wilderness (my Sims would have loved to live there).... Continue Reading →

HMS Terror FOUND – and an Update on the Deaths

So much to my excitement (being so very obsessed with the Franklin Expedition) my Google news feed alerted me to the breaking news of the discovery of the HMS Terror on September 3rd. After all the searching, it turns out... Continue Reading →

Secret City 40 – Real Life Wayward Pines?

Wayward Pines.  For anyone who has never read the book or watched the TV series, Wayward Pines is a small town, picture perfect in every way.  The residents look like they've just walked out of Stepford, with their perfect hair,... Continue Reading →

The Green Children of Woolpit

The village of Woolpit in Suffolk, once had a strange occurrence. Legend tells that in the reign of King Stephen (during the 12th Century) two children emerged from near the Woolpits (from which the town got its name), scaring the... Continue Reading →

Sawney Bean and the Cannibal Clan

So I discovered a new TV series on the History Channel today called 'True Monsters'.  It's basically about how all folklore and legend has an ounce of truth behind it (this of course, all of us here already know).  I... Continue Reading →

Thousands See Floating City in the Sky in China

Source from Newser: Too much carbon pollution? Check. Lots of billionaires? Check. A giant city floating in the sky? Well, according to Chinese TV news channels, China recently had a massive metropolis hovering over the clouds that was spotted by... Continue Reading →

James Dean’s “Little Bastard” Found?

Article via In Sept. 30, 1955, the famous silver Porsche 550 Spyder driven by the heartthrob James Dean lost control and wrecked, killing the 24-year-old actor. Dean was famous for his “devil-may-care” attitude andcool guy persona like those of Elvis... Continue Reading →

Frankenvirus – 30,000 Year Old Virus Resurrected?

From It’s alive! Or that’s what scientists might say when they reanimate the so-called “frankenvirus,” a 30,000-year-old giant virus that was discovered in Siberia. The French researchers behind the find – published this week in PNAS, the journal from... Continue Reading →

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