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Slender Man and the Tulpa Effect – Could Slendy Be Real?

The latest paranormal celebrity to hit the modern day world is undoubtedly 'Slender Man'.  Slender Man, or "Slendy" as he has become affectionately known as, was created by an author on the popular "scary story" website  I've read some... Continue Reading →


Playing Cards with the Devil

There are a fair few well known stories of old telling of unfortunate individuals who have had encounters with the devil and lived to tell the tale.  One of these is the story of Loftus Hall, Ireland.   The old... Continue Reading →

Places that Amaze and Astound Me Part 3: Poveglia, Italy

I've just been reading about an island in the Venice lagoon which has recently come up for sale.  Apparently, Italy are trying to raise some money and have decided to sell this decidedly beautiful island which has been abandoned for... Continue Reading →

Strange Orbs

My boyfriend showed me this video that his brother took a few weeks ago.  He was in his bedroom with the cat, Jack, who was fast asleep, when for no apparent reason, Jack suddenly bolted upright and started staring and... Continue Reading →

Ghost Ship Floating Toward Devon

I love ghosts ships with a passion.  Don't get wrong, I'm unlikely to be the first person who runs full pelt along the pier and smashes the doors to the Bridge in to investigate (the old "I'll be right back!"... Continue Reading →

Robert the Doll

If there's one thing that I can't stand and that really freak me out it's dolls.  Not your average Barbie, Ken or Action Man kind of doll, but the ones that are supposed to be pretendy babies.  Those things give me the... Continue Reading →

The SS Baychimo – Ghost Ship of the Frozen North

There are many stories about ghost ships: phantom ships occasionally seen by people which, the stories go, foretell doom to those that encounter them. One ghost ship, however, is not a ghost ship in the traditional sense, as it is/was... Continue Reading →

Gettysburg Ghosts

I came across this video as I was trawling all things paranormal yesterday and personally think it is fantastic evidence.  I can't make out exact details but there is definitely several "somethings" moving through the trees.  This video was taken... Continue Reading →

Luminous “Poltergeist” Video

I saw this video and it truly amazed me.  Whilst I don't think it's a "poltergeist" - it does appear to be definitely something paranormal.  Any ideas?

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