So a few years back I wrote a post about an abandoned theme park based on the film ‘The Wizard of Oz’.  The park itself was desolate and eerie, it’s memorable Yellow Brick Road which had once held 44,000 bricks, falling apart piece by piece.

The Land of Oz, although closed by the mid 1980’s, reopened once a year to allow die hard fans in to walk through the emptiness of the once-bustling funland.

Now they have decided to reopen anew and allow guests and visitors to experience the magic that the excited visitors back in the 1970’s felt.  The park has been freshly painted and hosts several events all throughout the year.  Sadly, being halfway across the world, I will never venture forth to the Emerald City and it breaks my heart.  But for those of you a little closer, you can buy tickets to the event via the website – Land of Oz.

Send me photos please!!