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In Sept. 30, 1955, the famous silver Porsche 550 Spyder driven by the heartthrob James Dean lost control and wrecked, killing the 24-year-old actor.

Dean was famous for his “devil-may-care” attitude andcool guy persona like those of Elvis and Marlon Brando; though he’d only filmed three movies by the time he died, his future was certainly bright. When America heard of his untimely demise, his name quickly became legendary, and his films — East of Eden, Giant, andRebel Without a Cause — instantly became classics.

The wreckage of his car was sold and stripped for parts; but it seemed as if the car was cursed. It either killed or maimed many of the people it came into contact with. Whether it be mechanics who had large pieces of equipment suddenly crush them, or race car drivers who found themselves dying in wrecks.

Ironically, the car was then sold to travel around the country as part of a program to promote safer driving among the youth of the 1950s. But in 1960, the totaled car was suddenly lost en route to another presentation; it was never found again.

But now, one man, who wishes to remain anonymous, says that he was a witness as to where the car was hidden. He says that when he was a boy in the 1960s, he saw the car being hidden behind a false wall.

His story adds up in regards to when and where the car was at the time, and if the car is discovered thanks to his tip, he stands in line to receive a decent percentage of the $1-million reward for the car.