So me and my other half spent two hours last night watching an immensely interesting documentary on the Discovery Channel about the existence of Megalodon in our seas of today.

You are all aware I’m sure, due to my previous post about Megalodon, what my feelings are on this creature.  Mainly that whilst there seems to be a lack of definitive proof that it exists, I am well aware that we have only explored around 5% of our oceans and the bygone stories of old, told by sailors of sea serpents and giant squids or the Kraken could have a grain of truth in them, as after all, all stories have to come from somewhere.  Who knows what is living at the very deepest, darkest, coldest and remotest depths of the Earth’s oceans?  Discovery Channel seemed to have evidence of a compelling nature.

For two hours, we absorbed reels of information, facts, eye witness stories, videos and photos.  The initial video that allegedly launched the entire investigation into Megalodon shows four people in a fishing boat enjoying a day and night of fishing that ends badly.  Their bodies were never found and when the audio from the footage is cleared up, one of the boat’s passengers can be clearly heard screaming “shark”.  This “shark” overturned their boat and sent it spiralling into tiny pieces at the bottom of the sea bed, looking more like it had been hit by a missile than anything else.

Further to the video were several pictures showing the dorsal and tail fins of a monstrous-sized shark.  Check it out:

Allegedly taken in 1942 from another U-Boat
Shortly after the incident in South Africa in which a fishing boat carrying four people was viciously attacked, overturned and the bodies never found.

My first comment whilst we were watching was “isn’t that a bit weird that that photo from 1942 has only just surfaced now?”, only to be informed by Discovery that it has been one of several recently uncovered “classified German war documents”.  Convenient.

So we went to bed thinking of Megalodon and feeling extremely entertained.  Our thoughts were well and truly provoked.

This morning I woke up after lying in bed thinking about what an exciting discovery had been found, wanting to check out the pictures from the wreck of the fishing boat.  I used every combination of “shark” “Megalodon” “South” “Africa” “boat” “fishing” “attack” “maul” “2013” “April” and “wreck” known to man.  There were no photos.  Surprisingly, even the underwater footage couldn’t be found by Google.  That made me squint my eyes and be suspicious.  Why would they not want anyone to look at the footage of the wreck?  Because they didn’t want anyone analysing it and finding something fake about it?  Or because it didn’t exist in the first place and the whole video is doctored?

That got me thinking.  So when I very first typed “Megalodon” into Google just now, I came up with this:

Google search results today...
Google search results today…

So I clicked the link.

Now far be it from me to disregard the Discovery Channel and their “facts” but when The GUARDIAN have something to say about it, it gives me cause for concern.  If the article had been written by a reporter of the Daily Star I’d have rolled my eyes and totally ignored it.

The article confirmed my suspicions about the U-boat picture.  It wasn’t a picture at all but a still frame taken from footage.  Footage taken in the Atlantic.  With no shark.  And no Swastika.

It then goes on to mention that the article writer had the same issue I did.  Couldn’t find anywhere that documented this attack on the news, nor any reports of any deaths.  

I did notice at the start of the documentary it stated that “certain events and characters in this film have been dramatized,”.  Which kind of just said to me that it would have a certain degree of utter crap in it but there would at least be some facts.  After all, it’s Discovery Channel.  What I couldn’t learn from Bill and Ted, I learned from this channel.  This is what they had to say for themselves:

The executive producer of Shark Week, Michael Sorensen, points out that Discovery aired three disclaimers for “Megalodon,” including that “none of the institutions or agencies that appear in the film are affiliated with it in any way, nor have approved its contents.”

As one of the commenters on the article so rightly stated “dramatisation doesn’t give carte blanche to lie”.  Come on Discovery….save it for Syfy….there’s only so many times they can repeat Buffy and Sharknado….