I’ve just been reading about an island in the Venice lagoon which has recently come up for sale.  Apparently, Italy are trying to raise some money and have decided to sell this decidedly beautiful island which has been abandoned for nearly 60 years after it was hit by plague.  It is allegedly one of the most haunted islands in the world, owing to the fact that so many people died of plague there.  There were also rumours in the 60’s of inhumane experiments being conducted on the dying (you know, the usual, lobotomies, electro-shock etc. etc.) which tends to piss people off (if indeed, you believe that ghosts are made through anger and pain during their lives and therefore can’t or won’t move on to the afterlife when they die).  So if I was Zak Bagans (who has, incidentally, also done an episode of Ghost Adventures on the island), I would say that this is one island full of really pissed off spirits.  Fun!

Anyway, ghosts aside, the island itself fascinates me because it’s another one of those beautiful abandoned places which have that sorrowful, lonely, poignancy about them.  Check out these pics:

6687065 castle-miranda-belgium--29724 VENEZIA 10/10/06 FOTO AEREA ISOLA DI POVEGLIA   © GRAZIANO ARICI poveglia-island-near-venice-italy-interior-2