Got my little sis to thank for this one since she found it on some obscure website and emailed me the link. I thought it was really interesting because the thought of someone sneaking into my house without me knowing and living in my attic for ages is just phenomenally creepy. Check it out:

Hinterkaifeck is the name of a small farm located in Bavaria, Germany. The farm, situated about 70 km away from Munich, is where one of the most mysterious crimes in Germany took place in 1922 when a family of six members was killed. The crime was never solved.


Some days before the murder, the farmer Andreas Gruber discovered strange footprints in the snow that led from the forest to his farm but there were no footprints leading back. Gruber also told his neighbors he had heard steps in the attic and found a newspaper that didn’t belong to him. The keys to the farmhouse had disappeared about a week before the crime. However, none of these incidents had been reported to the local police.

The victims of the crime were six people: the farmer and his wife, their daughter and her two children as well as the maid. The neighbors found the bodies several days later. To this day, the crime is still unsolved and remains one of the most ambiguous crimes in the history of Germany.

Creepy right?