Point Pleasant, West Virginia.  A small city with a population of around 4000 and renowned amongst cryptozoologists for its fabled “Mothman” – a supernatural creature which reportedly varies between terrorising the locals and forewarning of imminent disasters in the area.

The story begins in November of 1966.  A teenage couple, hanging out at a local “lovers lane” spot near an old and abandoned TNT factory claim to spot a creature with huge red eyes.  They immediately start the engine of the car they are in and begin to drive off, only for the horrifying creature to tail them.  They arrive at the police station shocked and terrified and relate their story to the local authorities who listen with doubt.

An eyewitness sketch of the Mothman
An eyewitness sketch of the Mothman

Shortly before the young couples’ encounter, some gravediggers at the local cemetary claim they saw a man-like figure flying over their heads.

The picture was captured shortly before the collapse of the Silver Bridge
The picture allegedly captures the Mothman perched atop a bridge near Point Pleasant

The “Mothman” sightings begin.  Many reports follow and all describe the same “large, man-like figure with wings and large, glowing red eyes”.In the period leading up to the collapse of the Silver Bridge on December 15 1967 in which 46 people were killed, the Mothman sightings increased.

The picture on the right was captured and allegedly depicts the Mothman perched on the peak of the bridge almost trying to warn the residents of the forthcoming disaster.  Some residents have claimed that Mothman does not want to hurt anyone, only to communicate with them. Point Pleasant has become a supernatural hot spot for paranormal enthusiasts and now has its own Mothman statue in the city to commemorate its local legend. Skeptics however are less convinced that there is actually a 7 foot tall bug-like creature with huge red eyes lurking around the town.  As the majority of sightings occurred during dark hours, non believers claim that the Mothman is nothing more than a large owl, but that hasn’t stopped films, books and documentaries being made about the creature, including the famous book “The Mothman Prophecies” by John Keel.  Point Pleasant also has its very own Mothman Museum where enthusiast can gaze on all the evidence, news articles and recreations of the creature.