So you all know how much I love looking up abandoned places cos it makes me feel protective towards them and I always get a bit sad for the building/place that it’s devoid of people and therefore defying its purpose for being built.  Therefore I’m sure you can imagine how utterly utterly gutted I was when I came across this today:

Ruby Slippers
Yes I really did click my heels in the shop I bought them from too

Apparently there was a theme park opened in the 1970’s called ‘Land of Oz’ which was, quite literally, the land of Oz from the Frank L Baum book ‘The Wonderful Wizard of Oz’.  Now, I used to totally love this film when I was kid, in fact I still do, to such an extent, I actually went out and bought ruby slippers (see right).  So when I came across the Land of Oz theme park I was delighted.  I’d practically booked the flights and the hotel to be over in the U.S visiting it in a heartbeat when I discovered (and my heart sank, I tell you) that it has been abandoned since the late 70’s, early 80’s.  Apparently it didn’t even last 10 years before the visitors dropped and it was closed.  Reading further down the article though, I learned that some wonderful people have been working hard to restore the park to its former glory and tourists are now welcome to tour around the Munchkin Village, book a holiday stay in the Kansas farmhouse and walk the fabled Yellow Brick Road.  For those of you who are right now deciding to save up and visit (like me), here’s the official website for it.  Oh and also thought I’d point out that anyone who is looking into buying a house, can buy a house round the corner in a new housing development called ‘Emerald Mountain.  Epic. However, I did find some cool photos that I thought I’d share with all the other Oz fans out there: Lost: The Yellow Brick Road weaves through the abandoned theme park, which has been the victim of fire and theft since closing Heartless: Character houses for the Tin Man and Scarecrow were stolen when the park closed downThe park opened on June 15, 1970 by Debbie Reynolds, accompanied by her then little-known daughter, Carrie Fisher. In its first summer 400,000 visitors came to the Land of Oz