There are quite a few things that scare me.  Clowns, people in costume (even ones dressed as giant teddy bears and dogs and stuff), spiders, bridges, blah blah.  But there is one thing I am genuinely frightened of and I suspect it might have something to do with the film ‘Drag Me To Hell’ because I have no realistic basis for it, there is no such thing (that has actually been proven in existence) but for some reason it terrifies me and that is goat shaped human thingy monster things.  Like the Lamia in ‘Drag Me To Hell’.  Honestly, watching that film and the bit with the Lamia shadow, my heart was racing.  No idea.  And that’s considering I didn’t even jump at all through ‘Insidious’.  WTF right?

Anyway, I came across this story which proper freaked me out even if it’s a load of bull:-

Ramic – The Horned Entity