Something I’ve never done before but probably should have, is check out what search terms were typed in, in order to bring up this blog site.  Amazingly, some of the terms are utterly ridiculous (I kind of want to get inside the mind of the person typing).

Here’s some I came across:

ghosts and smoke alarms and burned out lightbulbs

– Because every ghost should always ensure his CO2 alarm is working – wouldn’t wanna have a “Fizz” would it?

the cow has a fine sense of smell

– Granted this is a direct quote from one of my previous posts about the WW2 evacuees, it’s still a bizarre thing in itself to type into Google

little boy fuvked his afoot

– Totally baffled by this one.

how to recognise a alien hybrid

– Because most people undoubtedly believe in the existence of alien hybrids anyway *rolls eyes*

unicorn layer in korea

– The best kind of top-soil for your summer plants

how can i get a dibbuk box

– Simple.  Go to B&Q/Collectibles/Past Times (probably more appropriate) and buy a cabinet.  Then summon an evil spirit, ask it what its name is, have a chat and then command it to get into your cabinet.  Write the word “Shema” on the side (carving into the wood has the best aesthetic effect but permanent marker works just as well – in fact if you’re feeling original or nostalgic, change “Shema” to “She-Ra” and give your box the power of Greyskull).  Ta-dah, one dibbuk box.  Alternatively, eBay has some good bargains for dibbuk boxes.

pregnant ghost

– In the “fetish” section of Porn Hub website

the gayest trees in the world

– One word – why.