I’m not closed-minded.  How can I be with a blog like this.  But I mean that I’m not closed-minded in the sense that I don’t for one moment think we are the only life form in the universe.  That would be incredibly arrogant.  Of course I believe there are many life forms out there and yes I do believe that it’s possible aliens have visited Earth.

However, rooting through YouTube, there are so MANY videos of alleged aliens, majority blatantly faked but there was one that caught my eye (below).  Personally, I don’t feel that this is an alien or alien-hybrid at all.

the descent
The Descent

For those of you who have seen ‘The Descent” you’ll recognise the similarity immediately.  For those of you who haven’t seen it, it’s basically a fictional movie about a group of women who explore caves and they find this new one that nobody has ever been in before.  Long story short, they find a race of humans who have lived down in this cave for however many centuries, millenia, whatever and have evolved to suit their surroundings.  The caves are fairly warm so they don’t have body hair.  Their arms and hands are elongated to allow them to walk on all fours and for easy navigation of the rocks.  They are blind because it’s so dark, which meant their hearing is exceptional.  You get the picture.

Anyhow, I believe that if indeed these videos are real that the creatures in them are along the same lines as those in the film.  Take a look and make your own minds up.