So many times in my life I get told I’m the epitome of gullible and that I’ll believe anything, and I guess if you’ve read half the articles on this site then you’ll probably agree with that statement.  But I feel that people are quite big-headed if they think that the human race now knows everything about its world and all the species which live in it.  I mean, it’s estimated that we have actually only discovered one third of the world’s oceans.  Now in my estimations, that’s a lot of sand and water that we don’t know about it.  And of course, anything that lives in it.  So it’s highly probable that there are species of  fish, cephalopods and mammals that we don’t even know exist.

We’ve all seen the news story in 2004 where the species of “giant squid” was found.

Not exactly the Kraken, but it's a start.
Not exactly the Kraken, but it’s a start.

Although scientists claim that the female of the species (is more deadly than the male) can grow up to 43 feet, this isn’t exactly epic KRAKEN proportions. Put it this way, if Jack Sparrow’s Kraken had only been 43 feet he probably could have made do with attacking it with a fork instead of a cutlass.

Anyhow, just because 43 feet is the largest we’ve found so far isn’t to say that that’s the biggest there is (don’t mention the “Colossal Squid” please, it’s only 3 feet bigger and irrelevant).  Sailors of the past were adamant that their ships had been utterly totaled and their men swallowed by huge, unbelievable-sized squids.  And of course, we’ve all heard of the maps of old where places are labelled “Here Be Dragons”.  It seems nowadays that we are so afraid that these things could actually, truly exist, that we have to make the idea so ridiculous and preposterous that no-one admits to believing it.  We all know that the space a creature lives in is relevant to its growth.

Take the catfish for example.  My dad had one and when he got it, it was about the size of my little finger (about 2 inches).  After 4 years in the average 50cm tank, it was a good 8 inches long.  BUT take a look at this fella-

Giant Catfish
Giant Catfish

So it just goes to show that space IS relevant to growth.

So why then is it inconceivable (spoken in a Wallace Shawn, Vizzini from ‘The Princess Bride’ voice) that the great shark Megalodon, which lived, quote Wikipedia “approximately 28 to 1.5 million years ago” (that’s quite a range there) can’t possibly exist in our oceans today.

Epic Megalodon
Epic Megalodon

To our knowledge, the most afeared shark in our waters is the Great White.  But Mr White looks like a minnow in comparison to King Megalodon.

In fact, Megalodon was so huge that it would have been pretty pointless for him to eat a human.  It’d be like swallowing a pea and expecting to be full.  That’s not to say however that he wouldn’t still eat you anyway.

Anyway, I digress, my point is that there are a number of people in the world who believe in the current existence of Megalodon, or rather, the very distinct possibility that it could still roam our seas even today.

I admit, I had never even heard of Megalodon until I came across the picture of the great white shark nearly bitten in half and it made me wonder “jeez, what in the seven hells could have done that??”.  And then I read that the shark in the picture wasn’t actually that big.  I was gutted.  But it did get me thinking that Jaws was a bit of a rip off and it’d be cool if there really were sharks that big.  So I got looking into it and came across Megalodon.  Just the sheer size of the jaw in the picture above made my heart race and my eyes nearly fall out of my head.  It was a very visceral feeling.  The idea that something of that scale could actually be in our seas, and the knowledge that at one point in time it really WAS in our seas was just so amazing.  Naturally, I YouTubed it to try and find some CG reconstruction videos to wow at.  And instead, I found this…

I’m not saying for one minute that the monstrous shape in the video is evidence of Megalodon.  For all I know, it could be a whale or something.  Even another shark.  But the scientists seem to think it’s something much bigger than your average shark and some have hinted at it being the king himself…

What do you think?