Not exactly paranormal or spooky I know, but I honestly had no idea how strange things were to people during the second world war.  For example, children who had been brought up in the city had never ever seen farm animals before and had no idea what they even were.

I found this description of a cow, written by a child evacuee:-

The cow is a mammal.  It has six sides, right, left upper and below.  At the back it has a tail on which hangs a brush.  With this it sends flies away so they do not fall into the milk.  The head is for the purpose of growing horns and so that the mouth can be somewhere.  The horns are to butt with and the mouth is to moo with.  Under the cow hangs the milk.  It is arranged for milking.  When people milk the milk comes and there is never an end to the supply.  How the cow does it I have not realised but it makes more and more.  The cow has a fine sense of smell; one can smell it far away.  This is the reason for fresh air in the country.  The man cow is called an ox.  It is not a mammal.  The cow does not eat much, but what it eats, it eats twice so that it gets enough.  When it is hungry it moos and when it says nothing it is because it is all full up with grass.

I thought this was an excellent description of a cow lol and a very memorable one at that.  I can see where the city folk could get confused, being a country girl myself… 😉