As a massive fan of ‘Silent Hill’ and one of the few people in the world apparently who thought that the first Silent Hill movie was spot on, you can imagine my delight at hearing that the world of movies hadn’t given up on Silent Hill and that a second movie was in development.  Even better was the return of Sean Bean, my all-time hero.  Am practically itching to get to the cinema as we speak, even though it’s not actually even out yet.  And trust me, I’m at that stage in my life where it takes an awful lot to get me excited.  At the moment I spend every day of the working week (not that I work) waiting in eager anticipation for the weekly Saturday episode of ‘Merlin’ and then when it’s finished, I get all sad and count the days down til next Saturday again.  Woe is me.

Anyway, I digress.  I have, in the past, written posts about Centralia when I went through a mad ‘Silent Hill’ phase in 2007.  I wrote blogs, documentaries, the whole caboodle.  However, since my laptop has been formatted about a bajillion times since then (god damn you trojan infected Sims custom content) I have lost it all.  So obviously I was left with no choice but to write a new article.

So here goes.

As we all know, the story of Silent Hill goes as follows:

Silent Hill was once a popular, quiet, calm, tourist hot-spot, just your normal, average town, until the people of Silent Hill committed vile, inhumane acts and cursed the town.

Underneath the town, fires burned, eternally and the townspeople mysteriously vanished.  Silent Hill gained a parallel “Otherworld” filled with monsters, demons and everything from every person’s worst nightmare.

As far fetched as the story seems, and let’s face it, it’s a game, who cares how far fetched the story is, it does have a hint of truth behind it.

The game developers admitted that they had heard about Centralia and that it had inspired the Silent Hill game.

Centralia, Pennsylvania (no, not where Dracula lives, that’s TRANSylvania – a common misunderstanding often linked with the Cheeky Girls as well), was once a normal town, just like any other, albeit small, with a population of just over 1000 in 1981.

Lovely white, neat houses and quiet surroundings, Centralia seemed the perfect place to raise the kids (although the horror adepts among us know better – after all, look at George and Kathy Lutz).  One event changed all that.  Centralia is now uninhabitable (tell that to the 10 people who still live there – nutters) and whilst it is up for debate as to the exact event the caused this, the reason the town is uninhabitable is all the same.

Like Silent Hill, fires have been burning under the town, coming from the abandoned mines underneath, now for 50 years with no signs whatsoever of extinguishing, despite several attempts over the years by firefighters.  The town is polluted with carbon monoxide from the fires and temperatures near the fires allegedly hit 1000 degrees, which also means that the ground is massively unstable – a fact that became evident when a 12 year old boy was almost swallowed up by a sinkhole that suddenly appeared in his back yard in the early 1980’s.

Attempts were made to block the roads into Centralia to stop unwary “sightseers”, however pedestrian access is still available.

The fires are expected to continue burning for another 250 years.