Whilst Bodie is hardly forgotten and hardly unvisited, it is still classified as a ghost town due to its history of once being a gold mining town.  It prospered and by 1879, Bodie had a population of around 7000 and its town contained 65 saloons, a Chinatown (complete with opium dens), red light district, union hall which doubled up as an entertainment area for plays, dances, etc., railroad, post office and even its own gas station.

By 1912 Bodie was officially labelled a ghost town as its mining population had dwindled to 698 by 1910 and most people had left to prospect elsewhere.  The last mine closed down in 1942 and since then mining has been officially stopped.

As of 1962 Bodie was opened as a National State Park Museum, which now has around 200,000 visitors a year.  Complete with abandoned vehicles, structures with bullet holes still in them and 110 buildings which are still standing as they were left (even stocked with goods), Bodie is an official Wild West Ghost Town.