One thing that really annoys me, are the people who take the Matrix films way too seriously and go as far as to say that the world is indeed, as portrayed in the films, just a computer simulation.  They then go on to produce mathematical calculations to prove as such.Image

Why do people spend so long doing this?  And if the world is only a computer simulation, who is controlling it and why would they let evil things happen?  Don’t get me wrong, I’ve had hours of entertainment on Sims 2, building a room with a fireplace, loads of wooden chairs and a rug, then letting my sim wander in to investigate, only to have me remove the door from behind them and order them to light the fire.  Or building a lovely swimming pool and watching their little faces fill with joy as they nosedive in happily, only to have me remove the steps out of the pool so they can’t get out and eventually starve to death or drown.  Hours of entertainment as I said.  However, if I was genuinely controlling the world and actual people with computerised feelings, I think I’d be a little more careful what I was doing.

Jesus, listen to me!  I’m actually entertaining the idea!  Allow me to continue my rant.

Why can’t the people that think this and spend years of their lives looking into it and trying to scientifically prove it, just live their OWN lives and be happy in them?