I came upon an old list I’d drawn up years ago, added to over time, that includes various places in the world which amaze me.  Of course, places like Alton Towers and Subway amaze me, but I’m talking about REALLY amazing places.  Places that even time itself, along with everyone else in the world, totally forgot about.

Take City Hall Station in NYC for example.  A grand Victorian style subway (minus the footlong meatball specials) complete with brass chandeliers.  It’s like something from a romantic movie.  Sadly, because it was built around such a tight corner, and trains got longer as they became a more popular mode of transport, City Hall Loop was closed in 1945.

Various tours were conducted throughout the 90’s, off and on, but mostly the station is closed off to the public.  Restricted tours are held there but only to members of the City Hall Museum.

Really does seem a shame to hide away such beauty.  But of course, this isn’t the only amazing place that amazes me.