Situated 10 miles west of Lawrence in Kansas is the tiny village of Stull.  In fact, it’s so tiny, it only has a population of around 20.  That’s not including the Devil himself along with all his spirit buddies hanging out in Stull’s cemetery.

Established in around 1856, Stull (possibly renamed after being founded as ‘Skull’? – no evidence) was a quiet little community of six families, including one postmaster named Sylvester Stull – hence the town’s name.

Although the community was/is so small, Stull has still been victim to two deaths.   The first being a young boy who was found burned to death in a field after his father had set fire to it; the second was a man who had been reported missing and eventually found hanging from a tree nearby.  Still nothing overtly radical.

Legend has it that the town’s cemetery was built on a medieval gallows where citizens accused of witchcraft were once hung.  Due to the purported witchcraft and the rumor that a stable boy once murdered the town mayor in cold blood (even though there were no records of Stull ever having a mayor), it is said that Lucifer himself pays the cemetery a visit twice a year to visit the graves of one of his wives and infant son who died at birth.  Stull has thus earned its title “One of Seven Gateways to Hell”.  Even the Pope himself once allegedly insisted that his plane fly AROUND Stull on a trip past it, rather than directly above it as the cemetery and its accompanying church was “unholy ground”.  The church, which was mostly ruin for the last decade, was finally demolished in 2002 due to so many occult rumors.

The Gateway to Hell
The Gateway to Hell

Despite around 500 people gathering in the cemetery one Halloween to find out for themselves if the Devil actually did show up for his own party, nothing was seen.  Some say this is because an official intervened at 11.30pm and ordered the local police to remove every person from the property promptly.  Again, no evidence although it has been confirmed that the police do make every effort to remove “sightseers” from the area and discourage curious people.

The local people however have a completely different take on the stories surrounding their village and insist that they know of nothing unusual, supernatural etc whatsoever and that they purely wish to be left alone and for their cemetery to be left alone as vandals are repeatedly destroying the graves of their ancestors.