Alien or vegetable after 6 months?

The Fortean Times kindly told me all about the picture opposite which allegedly shows an “alien which was found at a UFO crash site in Russia”.  The woman who found it, obviously figured she was on to a winner and that one day it might come in handy, so she popped it next to the eggs and ham in her fridge and then just…..left it..for two years…

Apparently when she found it, it was wearing a spacesuit.  Guess she thought it’d get too hot being in the fridge and all so she removed it.  Then I imagined it couldn’t cope with our atmosphere and evaporated cos the woman claims not to know where it is.

Personally, the entire thing smells fishy to me (or rather – rotten vegetablly) and it looks like maybe she found it at the back of the fridge when she was having a clear out, realised “oh THAT’S where that cabbage I bought at Asda in the ‘Whoops!’ section at a discounted price cos it was nearly out of date, went!” and then – “Hehe, looks silly.  Like a little alien.  Oh wait… *evil grin*”