If you’ve seen Indiana Jones, you’ll probably know the legend of the crystal skulls – in particular, the most famous crystal skull known ominously as the “Skull of Doom”.  If you DON’T know the story, here’s a summary:-

In 1924, a father-daughter expedition, led by one F.A Mitchell-Hedges (of whom Indiana Jones was loosely based on) discovered a life sized crystal skull buried near the Mayan ruins of Lubantuun (now Belize).  Mitchell-Hedges infused the skull with further mystery by refusing to tell anyone how he came to possess it (other than just finding it lying about).  He further claimed it had paranormal powers and was once used by Mayan priests to will death upon people in bloody Mayan rituals.  After Mitchell-Hedges’ death, his daughter Anna inherited the skull and toured around the world with it, greatly publicising the paranormal claims about its ability to cause death, produce visions and give premonitions of future events.  She continued these stories and interviews until her death in 2007.

However, what can we truly believe about the skull’s alleged “powers”?

Firstly, why would Mitchell-Hedges not give any details as to how he came about the skull?  Also, why did he not mention its find in his reports of the excavations at Lubantuun or for that matter, why did no one else either?  There were no press reports, no stories and no documentation of a skull being found at that site at the time.

Documentation also fails to show any evidence of Anna Mitchell-Hedges being present at the excavation at all, let alone being the one who found the skull.

The story about the skull being impossible to replicate also proved untrue when a Chinese master carver succeeded in creating the first ever exact replica of the Skull of Doom, which was then used in several scientific and para psychological tests including the detection of any electro-waves similar to brain movements (result – negative), experiments shining lasers through it to see if it was able to produce the holograms which people claim to see when looking through crystal skulls (result – negative) and lastly – the skull was used by a forensic expert who reconstructs facial details of human remains for the San Francisco sheriff’s department, to reconstruct the face of the human the skull was based on.  Results showed a European woman – a far stretch from the Mesolithic MAN that Anna Mitchell-Hedges had claimed the skull must have been, and spent years talking telepathically to.

So can we sum up that Mitchell-Hedges (self proclaimed “Adventurer and Explorer” – who only ever explored places which had ALREADY been explored beforehand) and his adoptive daughter Anna had one of the best publicity stunts the world has ever known and started a trend in the “paranormal awesomeness of crystal skulls”?

I’ll let you know.  They looked so cool I’ve ordered one off Amazon.  I’ll add to this post at a later date if I find it starts talking telepathically to me.. 😉