Lizzie Borden took an axe and gave her mother forty whacks. When she saw what she had done, she gave her father forty-one.

Everyone knows the old rhyme but what really happened?

Well, in actual fact, it was actually 9 and 11 “whacks” she gave her step-mother and father. Although I say “she”, it was never proven that Lizzie was in fact the murderer and the jury at the time found her “not guilty”, seemingly due to lack of evidence. A hatchet that matched the description of the one that had been used to kill the Bordens was found in the cellar, but the murderer to this day remains a mystery.

Lizzie claimed to have been in the barn eating pears at the time of the murders but it was a well known fact that she hated her step-mother. But what cause would she have to kill her father? Moreover, if it wasn’t Lizzie, who would have reason to kill the Bordens at all?

It remains a gruesome murder and is a subject of intrigue for many. The Borden family house is now a bed and breakfast and the owners invite guests to stay in the bedroom where Abby Borden was found.

TAPS paranormal group have investigated the house, but found absolutely no evidence of any ghostly goings-on, despite numerous stories from the hotel’s guests.