I’ve been interested in this Japanese urban legend ever since playing Project Zero / Fatal Frame on PS2. The game is “based on true events” and the events are really quite gruesome. The story entails a “maiden” raised from childhood in the company of priests and kept away from the outside world until she is 17. She’s then taken to a ritual room deep under the house through a series of secret tunnels and tied to a mechanism which is attached to four oxen. The oxen then proceed to tear the limbs from the maiden. The torso is then attached to the “portal” which all evil is supposed to come out of, and this maiden’s pureness is supposed to stop that from happening. It’s all a bit far fetched and there are other rituals involved as well, such as the “Blinding Ritual” wherein a person must put on a mask with two spikes behind the eyes to blind themselves.

Anyway, Tecmo claim this is a true story that went very wrong. Basically, the ritual got messed up and the evil darkness escaped and sent the master of the house mad. He killed every family member before killing himself and ever since then, the mansion has remained empty. Locals claim that people investigating the murders have disappeared, children have been abducted or gone missing and that a little girl in a kimono has been seen at the windows of the house on several occasions.

It’s hard to believe that such grisly murders could have taken place (even if the location was as remote as Tecmo claimed) without any records being kept about it. There surely would have been police records, coroners’ reports, etc. And there seems to be no knowledge of either. Yet still the locals believe that the mansion is to be avoided.

The below pictures are said to be of the outside of the mansion and the entrance hall. The first picture, which you have probably seen if you have already researched into Himuro Mansion as it is on every single website about it, is fairly believable as it does look like an old house in the middle of nowhere. The second picture however, purportedly of the entrance hallway is just very difficult to believe. It shows no signs of decay, looks very new and well kept and more importantly, who took the picture if everyone who entered the mansion never returned?

There is also a website ran by a supposed surviving relative of the Himuro family but again, I feel it’s very far fetched considering the entire family was allegedly wiped out.

I looked into Shinto rituals and could find no evidence whatsoever of any gruesome rituals or sacrifices other than the old “falling on your own sword” if you’re a disgraced Samurai warrior. So again, another false alarm on the true story front.

Thoughts and comments welcome.