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Paranormal, supernatural and just downright weird.

Alien Called Myziam Contacts 4chan?

This story appeared on Friday 22nd September and has apparently gone "viral".  The original thread itself goes on for about twenty thousand pages (probably an exaggeration) but I could only actually find roundabout half a dozen videos on YouTube about... Continue Reading →


Did H H Holmes Fake His Own Death? 

In recent posts I have discussed how I am one of a few people who believe that America's first serial killer H H Holmes and Jack the Ripper were one and the same. H H Holmes intrigues me as much as Jack the... Continue Reading →

DB Cooper Mystery Solved?

For anyone who hasn't heard about the DB Cooper mystery, in a nutshell, back in 1971 a man going by the name of Dan Cooper hijacked a Boeing 727 and held it to ransom for $200,000.  The money was delivered... Continue Reading →

The Man-Eating Trees

We often think of them as peaceful and calm.  How many homeopathic remedies will tell you to sit under a willow tree to relieve a headache, or look at a tree to calm and centre yourself and relieve stress.  We... Continue Reading →

Photograph Proving Amelia Earhart DIDN’T DIE IN PLANE CRASH?

It's no secret that Amelia Earhart is a big heroine of mine.  I do love a good mystery and there's not many quite like her story.  The theory was, for years, that her plane crash landed and both Amelia and... Continue Reading →

Ted Bundy’s Childhood Home Haunted?

Story here. A Washington state contractor said his workers remodeling Ted Bundy’s childhood home experienced a handful of strange occurrences during their time at the house. Casey Clopton, the contractor, told The News Tribune that a plea for help appeared on... Continue Reading →

House For Sale (Complete with Strange Occupant Living in Attic)

Couldn't help but wonder what the hell was going through the estate agents' minds when they knocked up this ad for what appears to be an idyllic little house in the wilderness (my Sims would have loved to live there).... Continue Reading →

Land of Oz Theme Park Reopens!

So a few years back I wrote a post about an abandoned theme park based on the film 'The Wizard of Oz'.  The park itself was desolate and eerie, it's memorable Yellow Brick Road which had once held 44,000 bricks,... Continue Reading →

HMS Terror FOUND – and an Update on the Deaths

So much to my excitement (being so very obsessed with the Franklin Expedition) my Google news feed alerted me to the breaking news of the discovery of the HMS Terror on September 3rd. After all the searching, it turns out... Continue Reading →

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